In the morning and afternoon, we offer a small snack to the children.  This usually includes 3 of the following items:

​Breadsticks, pitta bread, cream crackers, toast, chopped or sliced fruit, raisins, or cubed cheddar cheese.  ​And on birthdays, we may also share some birthday cake!

​At lunchtime, children are welcome to bring a packed lunch.  Alternatively, we can provide a picnic style lunch at the cost of £1.85 per day.  This includes the following:

​Sandwich or wrap with choice of filling;

​Choice of mini cocktail sausage, sausage roll or mini savoury egg;

​Selection of vegetable crudites;

Yogurt, bowl of jelly or custard;

​Piece of fruit;

​Biscuit or cake bar.


our food


We serve breakfast daily from 7:30am until 8:15am.  If children arrive after 8:15am we kindly ask they have their breakfast at home first. 

Breakfast items include the following:

​A range of cold cereal including rice krispies, cornflakes, shreddies, multigrain hoops and weetabix.

​Porridge served plain or topped with jam, honey or small sprinkle of sugar.

​Toast, crumpets or waffles with a choice of dairy spread, jam or honey.

​A choice of orange juice, apple juice, water or milk to drink.

​A range of fruit.

At 3:30pm, when we collect the children from school, everyone is offered a drink and a biscuit as a small snack.

​We serve a hot meal at 5pm for those children staying for tea.  A typical meal could include the following:

Spaghetti bolognese

​Sweet & sour chicken with rice

Homemade fish pie

Turkey tacos with salad

​Chicken korma

Toad in the hole

​Chicken pie with mash

Pasta carbonara 

Fruit yogurts




Choc ices

​Peaches & ice cream

after school